I work in a professional setting with a casual dress code, very casual to be exact, and we recently went through some changes in the office as far as HR and some other management positions. In the mix of all these changes we were given another copy of out dress code policy just to refresh us, and trust me some of us needed to be reminded that pajama pants and moccasins are not office attire.   But then again that’s what our office norm had become, and I was guilty of it too!  I would jean and t-shirt it every day, most of the time I’d go make up less and hair that hadn’t been washed in three days.  As I opened the email attachment I knew that things were about to change, they were serious this time about our dress code and all the violations that we were racking up were about to come to an end.  They started out with saying that they realized they had become lax on our dress code, and that they were going to make the turn around with us.  Then they gave us detailed instructions on what was good office attire and what was not good, I fell on the not good side.  My t shirt, jeans and converse were an office NO NO, unless it was Friday or if there is a hometown sports team that we’d like to support with a t shirt then I was fine.  But I was wearing shirts like this:


(Yes you can purchase them on my blog, where else do you think I got mine!?)

I realized that I needed to get a few new things, but where to start? I had dressed like this for the past 7 years, without having to change anything.  Where do you even find such clothes? And how much do they cost?  I could tell that I was in for a weekend of shopping, but not just any shopping…Office attire shopping.  I am a huge fan of the Dutchess of Cambridge, and her style is really amazing, but do I need to dress like a dutchess?  And I know for a fact there is no way that I could afford that! But I googled anyway and tried to find some similar looks for less.  I found a few dresses at a fraction of the price and purchased these three favorites:

After I received my outfits I was surprised by the quality, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but it was pretty close and it was functional.  I paired my blue and white dress with some blue Tom’s wedges, and walked into the office like I owned the place!  And to my surprise, people who I didn’t even really talk to on the normal basis, were talking to me.  I had our HR manager actually come up to me and say hi, so did the owner of my company.  I was in shock, so they know that I have worked for the owner for years? I know the HR girl is new but she actually approached me, something that she had never done before.  It was almost like the twilight zone (que the music) as I looked around the office.  The next day I wore the grey dress, with a black pump almost like the one that she is wearing in the photo.  And again, I was spoken too on a different level than before.  My manager came to my desk and actually sat down and talked about her weekend..wait do you know who I am?  Then I wondered, do these outfits change me as a person?  Do they make me more approachable? I was not the only one that noticed the difference in the office, another girl (of course my office bestie) would dress about like me.  When she changed her attire, the same thing happened to her.  We are what we wear!  I would show up in an office wearing whatever I could find that day and not caring, making it seem like I didn’t care about this job.  Therefore making my managers think I was only there for a paycheck.  When I changed my clothes and started to take pride in my appearance my managers looked at me like a professional.  Needless to say I will stick with the new wardrobe; I still have my weekends to dress like a mombum.  My work had never been more relaxed, my managers have changed towards me in a good way and that is always helpful.  It is amazing what I little wardrobe change will do for a person!