With every Monday comes a new week, a new beginning. A hope that things will be better this week then they were last week. I totally stole this quote from Eep of the Crood family and then rephrased it. I’d like to think that she is my spirit cartoon, I love her and she is so right about things.

(I feel like I have his expression on my face about 75% of the time)

Anyway, every Sunday I plan on starting a new me on the following Monday. I’m serious y’all every Sunday I say I will start something on Monday, and normally make it to Wednesday before I bail out on it and tell myself that I will start again on Monday. But not this time! I decided to commit to my blog and social media 100%, I have been neglecting these things as of late and would like to jump back in. When I started my blog it was for fun but then I started to read that people were becoming bloggers full time and were able to stay home with their kids and travel and have a great financially solid life. Could I accomplish such a feat? Could I become the next big thing? (This reminds me I vowed to give up sodies this week too so I wouldn’t become the next big thing.) I had become excited about blogging earlier this year and purchased many e-courses, and attended many blog webinars to try and find my niche, and then tried to build a site (which I am still not happy with) that would be my platform. But I still feel confused (enter Eep face here), there is so much valuable information that I almost can’t keep up and my questions outnumber my answers! Is my niche over populated? Are people still really blogging? I wonder if The Waffle House delivers? I mean where am I going to start? How am I going to get this blog off the ground and make it something that everyone will love? At the end of it all I realized… I will never get these questions answered if I don’t start. Yes of courses I had started, but I mean really start. I needed to put my heart in soul in it, I needed to give myself a swift kick in the ass and really start. So here I am working on this post right now, scared of failure and worried about my blogging survival. But I am married to a Marine; survival isn’t optional it is a requirement. I will succeed and while I might not become the next big thing, I will make sure that I keep my head above the water and enjoy the ride that we call blogging and answering those questions that I worry about, except the Waffle House one, they don’t.. they don’t deliver.