So I started my 30 day water challenge and I have to admit that the first couple of days have been pretty difficult. I am at least a 1 soda a day kind of girl, and it was usually in the mornings because I don’t drink coffee, and if we would go to dinner I would have a soda there as well (plus refills).  I was out of control with the sugary beverages, and shocker, they were not making me feel very well.  Yes I think I was getting a boost in the morning from the caffeine but in all reality I was only getting a sugar high to help me make it through.  My skin suffered, my back would often hurt, and without that soda I would get really bad headaches.  I was borderline addict, ok so not borderline I was hooked; my body craved that caffeinated combo of sugar and carbonation.  I knew I had to make a change, and therefore decided that I needed to get rid of it, and if I was going to do it needed to do it cold turkey, none of this weening me off stuff I had to rip it off like a band aid and get it over with.  I had researched a few other people’s experience with letting go of sodas, so I could try and prepare myself for the long road ahead.  While reading a few of the effects hat soda has on a person I was shocked that companies are allowed to even sell it to consumers!

The brain part really got me; it can dull the part of your brain that tells you when to stop eating!? I never knew some of these listed on here.  Obviously a soda addiction can become costly one, medications, dentist visits, and not to mention the price of soda as it is.  I broke down the cost of my addiction, 5 day work week with a soda every morning and then another run to the vending machine around 2 – 3pm was costing me an average of $3.00 a day, $15.00 just from work sodas!  Then if we decided to go out to eat, the average cost of a soda with dinner is $2.25.  I will say we probably ate out twice a week there is another $4.50, bringing my Monday – Friday cost to $19.50!  That is $1,014 a year, not including my weekend sodas!  I can think of a million fun things that I could have done with $1,014 instead of drinking a soda!  Clearly that dulling of the part of the brain also stopped telling me to not spend money on these caffeinated crime mobs.

After I realized that I was going to give them up I needed a little bit of motivation, as if getting healthier and saving money wasn’t enough! I decided that I was going to purchase all the necessities that I would need to look cute while drinking my water.  I started with a bottle I found on EBay, you can purchase the same one here, it really isn’t anything fancy but I liked the color and it is functional as well as affordable.  I told myself if I make it the 30 days I will purchase a cuter one as a reward to myself, I am thinking this one.  30 days doesn’t seem like it will be that long, so I hope I can stay strong!

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