My Dad’s birthday just past, and I was stressing about what to purchase him for his birthday. He isn’t much for frill, and usually when he wants something he will just go buy it. I think it funny how he will ask for it for his birthday, but a few days later he will tell everyone “never mind, I just bought it for myself.”   It’s like he doesn’t even think about how hard it is for us to find that one awesome gift that will impress not only him, but all your fellow present givers. That last statement might not be what y’all think, but as I have said before I am a very competitive person and the WOW factor is a big deal to me. I like to be the person at the end of the present opening time where people come to me and say “hey where’d you get that? I just love it!” I usually smile and say “oh that, yea I got that at..” and try to play it off like no big deal, but on the inside I’m screaming with excitement!   So I knew that this year I had to really up my game, people were looking to dethrone my rule as Queen of Gift Giving, and this crown is going nowhere my friends. So my search began in the sports and outdoors stores first, I had a couple months to find the perfect gift, which seems like a lot of time but in the real world between, family, work and everything else, it’s not. I knew the next couple of months were going to be difficult to endure, the sleepless nights, and the cold sweats..there goes my nails. But I knew I had to press on, I couldn’t let this defeat me and I needed to find the perfect gift, but how? I began to research good gift ideas for dads, and while most of them were good they didn’t give me that WOW I was looking for. I finally did the unthinkable, I asked my boyfriend for help. His eyes widened “you’re asking me for help” he smirked; I swallowed my pride, pressed my lips together and nodded. I wasn’t much for asking for help, and I knew without a doubt that he would never let me live this one down nails were gone, the Bags under my eyes were huge and I was breaking out like high school teenager with raging hormones, I needed the help. He smiled and said “you’ve come to the right place.”

I left him in charge, which I normally don’t do, and if you could see his side of the closet you would understand. But I had to admit my stress level was lowering and the hair clumps going down the drain almost disappeared. I had pushed the stress on him and now he would see what I go through to find the perfect gift, I wanted him to have the night sweats, and the nail biting, and the hair loss. But to my surprise, he slept like a baby every night. HOW?! I wondered to myself, how is this not eating at his soul like a fat kid to cake? Every morning he woke up and I would ask “did you find a gift yet?” “Nope” he’d reply and go about his business. “You know there is only ____ more days till his birthday right” I would ask religiously, and a simple “yup” would follow my question.  I started to look for back up plans, and excuses to make to my dad for not getting him the perfect gift. I could no longer hold out for my boyfriend to find him that one true gift that would make my father light up.   The night before we were heading to my parents’ house, I had a small breakdown. My boyfriend wasn’t home yet, and I had packed everything and was ready to go. I had my trusty Groupon opened on the phone looking for last minute gifts that I could print the receipt for and give it to him, I know it seemed horrible but I had put all my trust in the hands of a man that I was hoping I could trust with such a task as this. He didn’t even have the nerve to be home on time for us to leave to head out, he knew he had messed up..or that’s how I felt anyway.   Finally I hear the truck pulling up the driveway, “finally” I said to my dog as I stood up and walked out on the back porch “where have you been” I started. And for most who don’t know me I have a very bad temper, which I am working on and my poor boyfriend..well bless is heart is all I can say. He knew I was mad when he got out of the truck, and all he did was smile. Now let me stop right there because this mans smile is the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen, it’s one of those weak in the knees smiles that I just can’t get enough of. But I had to push that all to the side and stay a little bit angry at him. I walked to the truck with a couple bags in hand; still fuming form the fact that he let me down. He opened the back door of the truck for what I thought was to help me with the bags, but instead he pulled out something majorly outstanding.

No automatic alt text available.I couldn’t believe my eyes, he had done it, he had found the best WOW gift ever for my father. My father is in law enforcement, and my boyfriend just knew that a handmade sign like this one would be the perfect gift for him. I almost cried when I saw the gift, it was an absolute beauty. “I was late because he was finishing up the sign” he said with that crazy amazing smile on his face.  The sign which was designed and crafted by Patty O’ Furniture, was going to be the best gift at the party.

I acted as if the gift was subpar at first, because I didn’t want to claim defeat or tell him that I had a whole argument in my head involving him.  But after about 30 minutes on the road, I gave it up.  “I can’t believe how great you did” I said a little hurt but mostly excited.   Why couldn’t I think of a gift like that, why did I have such a hard time?  My boyfriend laughed a little bit and said “I had planned on getting him that for Christmas, so when you asked for a birthday gift I already knew exactly what I was going to get.”  I knew it! there was no way that a person could come up with a great gift idea like that in a couple of days, no way no how!  The rest of the ride to my parents house was mostly me sleeping, I’m pretty good at that.  When we got there I think I was more excited to show him the sign than I was to see everyone.  My dad didn’t come outside so when we walked in the door we placed the large sign on the table and waited for my father to walk to us.  I wish I had gotten a photo of his face when he saw the beautiful work of art, he teared up a bit which is common for him (he’s pretty sensitive) and he hugged us both.  SCORE!!! It was better than a wow gift, he was speechless.