So I figured since this blog is about how dysfunctional we are, I thought I’d introduce you to the madness that I call my family.

dadMy father’s name is Troy, lover of his recliner and Longhorn Baseball channel. Easily grossed out and vomits just as easy, just ask my brothers what happens when we play bean boozled. He is a former wearer of sleeveless shirts, and rolled down socks. His hobbies include but are not limited too; reclining, sleeping, storytelling and sports (watching, not participating). A quality that I admire in him is his sensitiveness, he has no problem crying during a great movie, or when something spectacular happens. I believe this is a quality that I got from him.



charityThis is my mom, Charity, and if you haven’t clued in by the photo she is a natural born goofball. Her strong suits are raising a house full of boys, Pinterest project master, bullshit caller, and creator of the world’s best lasagna! Every time I go home she works tirelessly in the kitchen making me this delicious meal. She is also borderline detective, there is nothing that you can get past this woman.. And I mean nothing! I’ve tried! Oh her favorite candy is cherry sours J


coli1Alright so, this has to be the coolest person in the family. Like the absolute best, by far the most loved by her family J Ok ok that’s me, all those things I said might not have been the whole truth, however I am the only daughter which gives me some kind of leeway in this family. I’m Courtney, the creator of this blog and while I love my family we are a bit dysfunctional (hints the name of our website). I’m a huge fan of peanut M&M’s and Dr. Pepper is my primary physician. Seafood is the only food, not really my mom’s lasagna is the best, but seafood is a really close second.



hunter1This is Hunter, the oldest of my little brothers. He is a lover of guns, shooting, and anything else he can pretty much blow up. He’s about to get his license so drivers beware. His love for history amazes me, you should see his room. He is smart, funny and sometimes smart assy, but overall a really great kid. When I come home I take over his bed and force him to sleep on the couch, he secretly loves it.




rileyThis is Riley, my middle little brother. My father tells me that he and I have the most common of personalities. We’ve both gotten in trouble for the same things growing up, and truth be told I think he’s the one I look most like. He is sensitive and caring, especially with my youngest brother, they are like two peas in a pod. Target is pretty much his favorite place to shop, but I mean who doesn’t love target right!? And he was last Christmas’ saran wrap ball winner.


ethanEthan is the youngest, the most lovable (after me of course) and not gonna lie maybe the cutest although the jury is still out on that one. Bean boozled king, and master of get out of trouble face.   You gotta be careful with this one, he a theif, he’ll steal your heart and the bases during his baseball games. He can make you do crazy things like go to target (the best place on earth) and tell you that we’re only going to look, then has you buy some things for him.



Don’t let these faces fool you, we may look normal but on the inside we’re completely bonkers.  Keep coming back to witness the craftiness, madness, fun and excitement that my family has to show you.  Who knows maybe you’ll learn a thing a two from us.